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Lead generation made fast and easy. Find and reach business leads with an
all-in-one influencer database and email outreach marketing tool.

Lead generation at scale with a massive business leads database

Lead generation won’t be a problem with over millions of profiles in the NinjaOutreach database. Just type your
target niche + location keywords and find business leads fast!
Instantly identify business leads with the biggest audiences
Get business leads with higher social reach. Just specify your ideal follower count on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or Youtube.
Find the most influential business leads
Get business leads with higher social influence and engagement. Just specify your ideal number of shares or comments per post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or Youtube
Do faster, more accurate lead generation
Use advanced search queries to find content per author, domain, or URL. Do an exact phrase search, or force search results to show page titles or URLs with your keywords in them.

Built-in email finder for faster lead generation

Find email addresses of your business leads with a built-in email finder. Or, import a list of URLs and NinjaOutreach will crawl for emails & contact information.

Find business leads for specific business opportunities

NinjaOutreach can find dedicated pages for giveaways, guest posts, infographics, interviews, podcasts, product reviews, resource pages, and sponsored posts.

Instantly save business leads into lists

Save all your business leads into your account for future email outreach campaigns. Just one click. No copy-paste needed!
Speed up lead generation
Save time! Force search results to show only the business leads with a valid name, email address, and Contact URL.
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Increase your lead generation efficiency
Filter your search with Smart Tags to instantly find profiles tagged as Bloggers, Influencers, Executives, Companies, Agencies, or Journalists.
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Find business leads by authority or location
Specify a domain type for your business leads. Choose by authority, such as .org, .edu, and .gov sites, or by location, such as .ca, .uk, .au, and more.

Import your own URLs and business leads

If you want to have a backup of your Instagram influencer leads, NinjaOutreach lets you export list of leads into a CSV.

Export business leads data from NinjaOutreach

You can also export business leads from your NinjaOutreach account into an external spreadsheet if you want to keep a backup copy.

Use Google Search & Save Business Leads On The Go

Search for business leads on Google and save as you go via a free Chrome Extension synced to your NinjaOutreach account.

Schedule emails to your business leads

Reach your business leads via email outreach campaigns. Schedule what date and time to send your emails.
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Quickly go from lead generation to email outreach
Sync your inbox with your NinjaOutreach account so you can immediately send email outreach to
your business leads without switching apps.

Choose which business lead receives which email

Choose which business lead receives your emails. Filter by tags, labels, or previous email outreach campaign interactions.
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Automate follow-ups to your business leads

Set logic rules in-app to launch up to 2 automated follow-up emails to your business leads.

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Never lose track of your business leads

Remember conversations and respond appropriately through a viewable and constantly updated message history.
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Stay updated, 24/7

Stay on top of your business lead generation campaigns with in-app and email notifications
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Track how your outreach campaigns are doing

Know which email templates got the most opens, clicks, and replies. Find out which business leads did each action.
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Contact form autofiller to reach more business leads

Don’t let contact forms delay lead generation. Ditch manual retyping with a built-in contact form autofiller. All responses are saved in your message history.

Manage your list of business leads

Organize your business leads with smart tags. Update relationship labels and record lead-specific notes.
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Easily personalize mass outreach templates

Personalize your outreach templates with custom fields that automatically populate with information unique to each business lead.

Reuse, modify, or create new outreach templates

Reuse or modify outreach emails in your template library or add new ones for whatever business purpose.
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Automate business lead generation & outreach

Get your first business lead generation and outreach campaign ready to go in just a few minutes.

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