Ultimate List of Link Building Tools

34+ of the Best SEO Link Building Tools & Software

Back in July of 2014, we’ve created a massive resource post about SEO tools. Today, we’ve written about a set of best link building tools that can help improve your SEO.

This time, though, the resource post we’ve created is specifically about helping you with one branch of SEO – link building.

Link Building

What is link building?

Link Building Definition from Moz

We won’t be discussing how or why link building is done in this article, but you can click on the definition above if you are at a beginner level in terms link building to learn more about it.

Instead, we are going to list the tools we deem as important and which can help you if you plan to run your own campaigns to build links for your websites.

Some of these tools we’ve used personally, together with our own Outreach Tool and the Ninja Chrome Extension.

How important has this been for us?

Honestly, without our own link building effort, we wouldn’t really be where we are now in terms of ranking.

Although link building isn’t an all in one solution to rank higher, it will indeed play a big role.

backlinks referring pages

Special mention to Linkody, Ahrefs, and Moz – these are the tools we’ve used to build our backlink profile.

You will find them on the list below as well.

So, without further delay, here is the

Ultimate List of Best Link Building Tools You Should Not Fail To See



Ideally, before you even sign up for any of these tools, you should already have mapped your campaign.

Are you going to target your competitor’s links?

Or do you want to write a skyscraper post and go from there?

Determine what you need, and then find the tool(s) that will help make those processes more efficient and effective.

Did we miss any tools?

If you feel like we’ve failed to mention some other tool out there, feel free to comment about it and we’ll add it if it fits.

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