How to Find Top Twitter Influencers

Find Twitter influencers and connect with them through a single social
media influencer search & outreach tool

Find Twitter Influencers in any niche or country

Find Twitter Influencers with a simple keyword search.
Get access to a database with over 7 million Twitter profiles in any niche or country.

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Find emails & more data related to your Twitter
Influencer leads, automatically

NinjaOutreach will scan other social profiles and contact information related to each Twitter profile
you add and automatically sync any matches into a detailed contact card!

Send outreach messages to your target Twitter Influencers

Set up outreach email campaigns for your target Twitter influencer leads. Schedule when to launch the outreach campaign
and on which days. NinjaOutreach will automatically contact all Twitter influencers in your list with valid emails.

Automate follow-up outreach messages

Save time and automate follow-up messages to your Twitter
leads. Just set up logic rules so the app can automatically send
up to 2 follow-up outreach messages for you.

Choose from Millions of Twitter Influencers In A
Massive Database

Millions of Twitter Influencers to choose from. Whatever your campaign needs, you won’t run out
of potential leads! The NinjaOutreach database is updated continuously.

Use Smart Tagging for more
targeted results

Use NinjaOutreach Smart Tagging to help you narrow your search faster. Choose to include or exclude any Twitter profile tagged as Blogger, Influencer, Executive, Company, or Journalist in your search results.

Filter your Twitter Influencer
search results by follower count
and location

Need to find a specific kind of social media influencer? Set the minimum and maximum follower count that you require. You can also filter Twitter Influencers by location!

Sort your Twitter influencers by
total follower count, name, or location

Want to find top Twitter Influencers instantly? Just sort your search results by follower count! You can also sort them by name or location in alphabetical order.

Save your Twitter Influencer leads into a list

Save your Twitter influencer leads to a list for future outreach campaigns.

Export Twitter Influencer
leads to a backup CSV

Keep a backup of your social media influencer leads. NinjaOutreach lets you export lead lists into a CSV.

Record and modify your influencer leads data

Evaluate information about your social media influencer leads.
Modify or add any flawed or missing data in each contact card.

Save any leads you find on Google with a free Chrome Extension

Search on Google, load the results on NinjaOutreach, review, and save valid leads into your list of leads! Just download and install the free Chrome Extension, then sync it with your NinjaOutreach account. The tool will automatically scrap duplicates for you.

Manage Social Media Influencer relationships with CRM features

Know where your social media relationships and conversations are at with CRM features that let you view message histories, leave detailed notes, and categorize contacts by tags and relationship status.

Pre-written outreach templates you can customize

Send the right message. Get a comprehensive library of outreach templates for any marketing or link building purpose: guest posting, sponsored posts, expert roundups, product reviews, podcasts, interview requests, and more! Dynamic fields let you personalize outreach messages fast and easy.

Control which leads receive specific outreach messages

Filter who receives your outreach campaign messages. Include or exclude recipients depending on categories such as relationship status, tags, or participation in previous outreach campaigns.

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