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4 Reasons Why Images Are Essential To Your Blog (SEO)

Do you use images in your blog posts?


Are you one of those bloggers that rarely use images in your blog posts? 

No matter the category you fall into from above, you will surely find some nuggets in today’s post.


Well, if you are an avid reader of BTT, you would have observed that there no article on this blog without at least one image attached to it. This is not because I have any kind of addiction or phobia for images, but this is because images are an essential part of any article. Images are good for SEO.

In this era of blogging and internet marketing, usage of images in the blog post should not be a matter of choice but of necessity.

It is now compulsory that you include at least one image in any blog post you want to publish in your blog because of some cool reasons that I will be sharing with you shortly.

There are various reasons why people use images in their articles. I have my own reasons too and that is what I will be sharing with you today.

And I hope that at the end of reading this post if you have not been using images in your articles, you will see reasons to use images in your blog posts and if you have been using images, you will see reasons why you should keep using images in your blog posts.

Without much ado, let’s see why you should use images in your blog posts.

#1 – Images makes Contents Beautiful

Take away images from blog posts and all you have is just blatant text filling up a page.

An image brightens up your content and makes it look more appealing especially if you are using colorful images.

Adding images to various parts of your article adds a particular kind of beauty and appealing look which makes your content better and sticky for your readers.

Seeing a long page of content without images to spice it up can easily bore your readers, but adding one or two related images or funny images take away the boredom and make your content beautiful and lively!

#2 – Images Grabs Attention

Signal_attentionTo be sincere with you, this morning before I wrote this post, I actually read an article shared by one of my facebook friends’ just because of the image.

The image has a young girl by the right and a descriptive text to the left side of the image. This image prompted me to click the link to read the full article.

Whether you like it or not, the truth remains that images are attention grabbers, images will attract more readers to your blog more than texts will do. If this weren’t so, websites like Pinterest will not be getting millions of visits per day.

If you are one of those bloggers struggling to get more visibility and social shares for your contents, I will recommend you take a look at your blog post images, check to see if they are of good quality and attractive.

If your blog post images are not attractive enough, they may not get you the visibility and social shares that you desire.

There are a lot of places to find high quality and attractive images, one of such places is, and you can get beautiful images from there with ease.

#3 – Images Can Bring You More Traffic

Do you know that images can be a source of good traffic to your blog?

Google image search records over a billion page views per day, this shows that Google image search can be a source of good traffic to your blogs if we know how to take advantage of the opportunity it presents. This shows that people do search for images aggressively.

If you have done your blog image SEO properly, and you use beautiful images in your articles, there is a great chance of ranking your image high in Google images search engine and you inturn get a bunch of new visitors on a daily basis.

P.S. –I have written a detailed guide on How to do Image SEO; you should check it out for more guidance regarding Seo for Images.

#4 – Images give Better Illustrations

Images do far better illustrations than text.

If yo are a blogger that writes how-to guides or tutorials, it is very important that you use images and screenshots to describe your point and procedures.

I have seen a couple of how-to guides out there but they are just plain texts with no image illustrations of the steps taken in these guides.  When I decide to try out their tutorials, I get stuck and I eventually get angry and look for another tutorial that will solve my problem.

No matter how smart or clever you are, Texts illustrations can never be better than image illustrations; sometimes putting texts and some graphics together to form an image is all you need to do the trick.

This is the concept behind infographics and we all know how well they perform. So, I will recommend you start using images for your illustrations from today onward.


Images are an important aspect of any blog posts and you should not publish a blog post without including at least one image in it.

I know you want to share your thoughts, so why do you use images in your blog posts?

Kindly share your opinion in the comments.

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