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Company Spotlight – How LeadPages Uses Influencer Marketing To Grow To 25k Customers

One company I really love is LeadPages.

They really are doing everything right, it seems.


Not only do they have a product that everyone loves (and many simply can’t live without), but they market the hell out of it.

As a result, they went from zero to 25k paying customers in less than 2 years.

That’s INSANE.

That puts them at 8 figures in revenue, starting from nothing, in less than 2 years.

You also have to appreciate that while LeadPages is a great product, they are hardly the first of its kind.

There are other products out there, products that came before LeadPages, and in many ways have similar functionality.

The fact of the matter is, LeadPages has just balls out, out-marketed them using marketing campaign.

Done and dusted.

Unfortunately I am not privy to the inner workings of LeadPages’ strategy, but at least on the surface I can tell they are doing some fantastic things to market their product online.

Consider the following strategies for partnering with bloggers


LeadPages is notorious for giveaways. It seems every time they appear on a blog, podcast, or webinar they’re giving away a license (or several).

For example, here they are giving away a license on OkDork.com

And here they are again giving away a set of three licenses on Smart Passive Income

With everything they’re giving away, it’s a wonder how they make any money?

Oh wait, no it isn’t – because without a doubt for every license they giveaway, dozens more people sign up on account of the exposure.

Often the posts with giveaways attract hundreds of comments, in which prospective customers talk about how much they want to win, and current customers talk about how much they love the product.

While I don’t have number to back this up, when you go from 0 to 25k customers in less than two years, you know that this strategy is working hardcore.

And at the core of it, is connecting with influential bloggers, because it’s their audiences, not LeadPages’, which are driving the sales.


Webinars have been shown to have absolutely dirty conversion rates.

And by that I mean high.

One of the marketing techniques LeadPages does very well is couple appearances with follow up webinars.

Because realistically, a podcast or a guest post is only going to drive so many sales.

Often, podcasts don’t highlight the product as in depth, so it’s not as likely to drive direct sales as it is exposure.

But with webinars as a follow up, well, now you’re talking.

I’ve been to a LeadPages webinar and one of the aspects that makes them different from other ones I’ve attended, is that LeadPages doesn’t sell you on the product – they sell you on the experience.

That’s right – instead of just walking you through the product and its features, they walk you through things that are tangentially related to the product.

For example, they may talk about the the freebie teasers and headlines that convert the best.

And, as an aside, here’s how you can do all of that in LeadPages.

As a result, LeadPages is shown as a necessary tool that accompanies the presentation (which, is generally more entertaining than being so product focused).

Guest Posting

LeadPages makes fantastic use of guest posting, both inbound on their blog and outbound.

For example, here’s a blog post by John Dumas writing about how he built a $98,993 sales funnel using leadPages

By working with John, LeadPages gets:

  • A terrific customer case study/testimonial
  • Access to John’s audience (assuming he shares on social media, etc)
  • Great content that will drive traffic to their website (SEO, Social media, etc)

That’s why you partner with influencers.


Podcasts are all the rage as of late and LeadPages recognized that. They’ve appeared on a whole lot of Podcasts, such as John Dumas’ Entrepeneur On Fire

Here they are again on The McMethod

Basically, they just started popping up EVERYWHERE.

for awhile, they even had their own podcast, where they partnered with influencers such as Noah Kagan from OkDork.


LeadPages saw early on that in order to grow they had to partner with bloggers and market themselves through common digital mediums like Guest Posts, Podcasts, and Webinars.

Additionally, they use giveaways as a means to drive engagement and convert leads.

The result?

A multi-million dollar business.

David Schneider

Dave is an author at Ninja Outreach and has a passion for digital marketing and travel. You can find him at @ninjaoutreach and [email protected]