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Global Child TV – Travel Blog PR Outreach Case Study

Augusto Valverde

Augusto Valverde, Producer and Founder of GlobalChildTV

Global Child TV is a world travel show that uses social media to collaborate with locals who share their stories and experiences from around the globe.

“Ninja Outreach has been a fantastic tool for our production company and travel show called Global Child where we explore the world through top experiences. You can see the show on Amazon Prime video!” – Augusto Valverde


  • Scored a show collaboration with top Luxury Hotels around the world such as the five star Raiwasa in Fiji.
  • Got between 4% to 11% reply rates between 8 campaigns
  • Secured relationships with top influencers, PR, and travel media companies

How many campaigns did you launch to achieve this goal? What was your reply rate? How many emails did you send and how many positive responses did you get?

I have 8 ongoing campaigns and I contact over 3k leads for each campaign. My reply rate ranges from 4% to 11%, which are excellent reply rates especially considering the messaging volume that I’m working with.

NinjaOutreach List of Leads

What other tools (if any) did you use for this campaign and why?

I used to check plenty of other tools manually.

For example, I research influencers and bloggers on Instagram and Facebook and make contact with them there. You can imagine how tedious that was. Since I got NinjaOutreach, I started doing everything from that one platform.

How did you use NinjaOutreach?

Ninja Outreach has been a fantastic tool for our production company and travel show called Global Child where we explore the world through top experiences. You can see the show on Amazon Prime video!

First, I use it for prospecting leads. I use the Instagram search and Blogs & Websites search a lot. The filters were a godsend. I could group my campaigns by type of influencer, number of followers, etc.

Next, I use it to schedule my emails. I have over 3k to almost 4k leads before I start a campaign. I just schedule my emails to go out to everyone that matches my criteria, and I wait until responses start coming in.

I’ve had great response rates so far, so I’ve never had a problem with Ninja Outreach and believe it’s been really worth it.

NinjaOutreach Track Rate

What outreach strategies did you find worked best? (best template, best approach, best schedule to send outreach, etc)

I believe two things made my outreach formula work: authority and value.

First, I let the receiver know who I was, what my program was about, all the shows and collaborations we’ve done, the countries we’ve visited, the media coverage we’ve received… this lets the receiver know we’re not some fly-by-night “influencer” looking for a free pass. We are a legitimate company that wants to do business with them.

Second, value. We offer them value not through lip service but through a real product. These luxury destinations have staff to pay to make sure our stay is top-notch. What we offer is not just exposure to our millions of viewers, but a tangible service. We can create trailers and visual reels according to their specifications, at no cost, and they can use these for their own ads and promotions.

We use top equipment and professionals for our shoots, and those are the same resources we’ll tap in our offer to create for them. So our offer of “value” is not just some exposure, but also has real money value.

It’s hard to get people to respond to you if all you do is just ask for their time.

NinjaOutreach Create Template

What problem did NinjaOutreach solve for you, or how was NinjaOutreach specifically able to help with your campaign?

In the beginning I was having to host, produce, write, edit, direct and conduct business affairs, so I simply did not have time to explore potential collaborations with destinations nor the PR firms that represent them.

Thanks to Ninja Outreach, I was able to create specific campaigns that reached out to Luxury Hotels and because of that I now have several of the top hotels in the world participating with Global Child for our upcoming season such as the five star Raiwasa in Fiji and many more.

Ninja Outreach is like having an entire team of people working on your behalf and it’s the ideal tool to multiply business and maximize my time in an intelligent way.

Before NinjaOutreach, what was your process for prospecting and launching your campaigns?

Everything was manually done by a VA. But now I do all my outreach myself because NinjaOutreach already has a database with over millions of profiles, bloggers, social media influencers, and emails. I’ve got what I need. I just pick the leads I’m interested in, save them into a list, and schedule my emails and follow-ups.

Alone, emailing over 3k people is a demanding job, but Ninja Outreach has freed me a ton of time by allowing me to automate.

What process would you say was more cost-effective? Why?

Ninja Outreach, hands down.

I highly recommend Ninja Outreach. Their customer service walked me through the process of setting everything up and they’ve gone above and beyond to teach me how to use this simple tool that is extraordinarily powerful!

I can’t wait to try out the Influencer tool and see what results that brings me!

Hazel Mae Pan

Hazel Mae Pan is Content Manager & Copywriter at NinjaOutreach.