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6 Tips to Improve Marketing Content and Engage Your Audience

Your amazing idea, concept, or product is irrelevant if nobody can find it. You may be offering something vital and life changing, but your potential success is limited unless people are finding your marketing content and engaging with it.

To increase this sort of audience engagement, you need to improve your content.

To that end, below are six pieces of advice on how to improve your content, which will help increase audience engagement and thus, attract more visitors to frequent your site and share your content.

Tips to Improve Your Content and Engage Your Audience

Use SMART techniques

Increasing your audience can be a daunting task; however, it is less insurmountable when you follow the S.M.A.R.T method of planning.

S – Be specific. Growing your audience is a pretty big dream; how is the best way to do it? By increasing blog traffic, or having more names on your email list?

Pick an element that you feel will grow your website, and plan around that.

M – Make sure your target is measurable. Review your numbers as they stand, and decide on how much you want to improve by.

It may be doubling traffic or adding 1,000 names to an email list, but setting a line for what you want to achieve can help drive you, and be a great confidence boost when it’s actually accomplished

A – is for Actionable. Figure out the concrete steps to take to achieve your goal and put them into place.

This could be a change in marketing or an analysis of SEO keywords, but set the plan for how to meet your goals, then put that plan into place.

R – Be realistic. There is little point in setting goals you can’t meet, as you will be demoralized by the failure. Your goals should be inspirational without being impossible.

T – stands for Timely. Without a deadline to work against, it can be tough to measure our progress and evaluate the techniques you are using.

This short-term review can also be a great way to realize you’ve accomplished way more than you think, which can be motivation to carry on working.

Utilize Online Editing Resources

There are some really good resources for editing that are free online.

Pro Writing Aid is awesome for content writers looking for feedback on how to consistently improve, as it provides an analysis of your work, rather than just corrections.

Pro Writing Aid

You can see if you have a tendency to use overly long sentences, repeat the same words, or have plagiarized other work.

It’s a great way to become aware of mistakes you make and improve your future writing.
For clear and strong writing, the Hemingway App and Grammar Guide will let you know if you’ve included the passive voice, abundant adverbs, and other elements associated with weak writing.

The Hemingway App

Word Counter is a great tool for SEO analysis as it can provide you with your keyword frequency, making sure you have that 1 to 3 percent keyword frequency to improve your ranking with search engines.

Utilize Online Writing Sources

If writing isn’t your thing but you need a blog element or written content to drive traffic your way, then using freelance services to hire talented writers could save you a lot of time and energy.

Freelancers are also cost-effective and can provide a host of services.

People Per Hour Website homepage

People Per Hour provides services specifically for websites, from software to content.

UpWork Logo and, on the other hand, provide all kinds of freelancers from all over the world with various skillsets and levels of experience.

Freelancer website screenshot

If you want to hire a high profile expert, then Toptal is where you should head to. For amazing written content, Rated Writing or UK Writings can offer writing services by qualified professionals.

This reduces the risk of poor quality writing affecting your search engine rankings or failing to engage your visitors.

Use Effective Marketing Tools

An emotive headline can attract and engage your audience, so make sure your title is as emotional as possible.

The Emotional Marketing Value Analyzer lets you check whether your headline uses the most emotional language possible.

Frequent content updates improve your SEO rankings and can, therefore, improve the traffic entering your site.

However, coming up with amazing topics day after day can be tough, which is where HubSpot Blog Topic Generator comes in.

Hubsptot's blog post generator

This tool can help you come up with fresh and interesting posts consistently.

Don’t Overlook Outside Sources

While your content should be original, including some quotes from experts, as well as inserting graphs and data can illustrate your point and make you appear more reliable.

People are skeptical of fake internet articles, so backing up your points with expert comments and data makes your audience more likely to believe in, and share your content.

Sourcing these quotes before you begin writing can also simplify the process as you suddenly have a starting point you can focus on.

External links that back up your assertions can also be a huge plus for SEO rankings. You can always make your readers promote your content, too.

Use Images and Infographics

Using examples throughout your work helps appeal to readers, as it gives them an opportunity to really see what you mean, and understand how your points make sense.

One of the best ways to give these examples is through images. Images can break up your content and make your page more attractive.

They’re also useful in terms of breaking down complex information into digestible illustrations.

Many images, such as pie charts or Venn diagrams, are really easy to DIY and are beneficial for elucidating a topic for your readers.

Final Words

Utilizing all of these tips consistently and effectively can really work wonders in driving traffic to your site, and once a visitor is there, these tools will engage them, encouraging them to share the content or return at a later date.

It is essential to maximize the benefits of an online presence, and following these tips will help you to do that.

Sharon Conwell has been a content manager and ghost writer at over 20 online projects, now she is a part-time educator and an editor at Big Assignments. She’s specializing at content creation and optimization. She loves coffee, tulips and her Shih Tzu named Bobby.