Influencer Contract Template + How-To Guide [Downloadable Templates]

Do you need an influencer contract template for your next campaign?

Well, there’s no need to spend any more resources drafting one from scratch, because we’ve prepared an influencer contract template for you.

Just read further for a quick how-to guide, then click the button to download our free influencer contract sample template.

And don’t worry – it’s easy to customize to fit whatever specific influencer campaigns you’re running.

But first, let’s have a brief talk about what influencer contracts or influencer marketing agreements are and why they’re important.

So What Is An Influencer Contract?

Depending on the specific type of influencer marketing you’re doing, there are other ways you can label an influencer contract, such as:

  • Influencer marketing contract
  • Social media influencer contract
  • Instagram influencer contract
  • Brand influencer contract
  • Brand ambassador contract

But it all boils down to the same thing.

Essentially, an influencer contract is a written agreement between the influencer and the advertiser. It is a clear-cut agreement defining the employment, rights, duties, and expectations between an influencer and the advertiser.

Why Do You Need an Influencer Marketing Contract?

The purposes of an influencer contract may include (but is not limited to) the following:

  • To define the roles that an influencer or brand ambassador must fulfill
  • To instruct the content and promotion plan that the influencer and marketer/brand will follow
  • To lay out the project scope, payment terms, duration, as well as clauses for termination of the contract
  • To define terms & conditions
  • To establish legal obligations

Top 10 Sections of an Influencer Agreement Contract

1. Introduction

  • What is the influencer contract about and Who are the parties involved?
  • Describe the overview of the project covered by the influencer contract.
  • List the names of the advertiser/brand/business and the influencer/s entering into the influencer marketing contract.
  • List the date when the contract was drawn up.


  • Declare the names and signatories in your influencer agreement. This makes it easier to know who to hold responsible for enforcing the influencer contract.
  • If you work with third-party influencer agents or platforms and want to have rights over the type of content each individual influencer posts, make sure to add their names to your contract.

2. Timeline

  1. When will the project start and When will it end?
  2. Describe the timeline for the project. Put the start and end date.
  3. State if it’s an ongoing partnership.

3. Project Details

  1. What are the deliverables for the project?
  2. What are the Content Guidelines?

     Content Guidelines must include:

  1. Content topic
  2. Preferred platform (Facebook? Youtube? Instagram? A blog site?)
  3. Format (Video? Picture? Review?)
  4. Length (Is it a full documentary? A 1-minute video? A captioned picture? 3k-word blog post?)
  5. Content dos and don’ts
    1. Ex. No posting of competitor products/religious or politically charged posts/hate speech, etc., for the duration of the relationship.
  6. Hashtags, keywords, and profiles to mention
  7. Schedule and frequency of posting
    1. What time zone should be followed
    2. Dates of the campaign duration
    3. Deadlines for when the influencer is expected to submit the content (or series of content) for review
    4. Schedule for when the influencer is expected to promote the content
    5. How long the post is required to stay live
  8. Editing and publication process (if any)
  9. Promotion process (if any)

4. Exclusivity Agreement

  1. Is the influencer allowed to promote competitors / their own products and services?
  2. Define if there is an exclusivity period/non-compete agreement.

Note: Influencers work with various brands so make the requirements for this section clear. Most influencers prefer non-exclusive contracts so be prepared to shell out some extra budget to convince the influencer that an exclusive partnership is worth it.

5. Success Measures

  1. Defines KPIs or measures of success for the influencer to target and for the advertiser to measure ROI.
  2. Make sure the influencer is aware that you require access to analytics such as views, shares, and engagement ratings.

Tip: You can also use UTM parameters and tracking pixels to help measure the actual conversions that the influencer drives to your business.

Note: Be upfront with your request for metrics before the campaign starts. This is to ensure that the influencer is on the same page and understands that you require hard data to measure campaign results.

6. Fees & Compensation

  1. How much are you paying?
  2. Specify the total amount due to the influencer upon completion of or for the duration of the project.
  3. Add other payment details such as late delivery fines or bonuses related to the influencer’s measurable contribution to the campaign.
  4. What are your Payment Terms?
  5. What payment method are you going to use?
  6. When are the deadlines for invoices and payment?

7. Copyright

  1. Who owns the content?
  2. Make sure you have ownership rights over the paid content so you can reuse it on your website or other campaigns.
  3. Designate yourself as the company and the influencer as a contractor so that all content they produce while under your contract is considered your property.

8. Legal Obligations & Compliance

  1. Make sure all signatory parties acknowledge and follow their legal obligations.
  2. Instruct the influencer to comply with the sponsorship disclosure rules of the FTC.
  3. Use hashtags such as #paid, #ad, and #sponsored.

Note: Influencers are required by the FTC to disclose if an ad is sponsored. They do not need to disclose the exact amount of compensation.

9. Confidentiality Agreement

  1. Specify that financial terms, marketing plans, and other material or information must not be disclosed to any third parties

10. Declaration & Signatures

  1. This section must declare that all signatory parties acknowledge that they have read the document and agree to all the stipulations in the contract as well as accept the repercussions from breaking any terms of the contract.

So, now that we’ve run through the essentials of how to draft a contract for influencer agreements, it’s time to create your own!

Head over to our influencer contract template below to download and modify it as you need!

My, that’s some fine print you’ve got there

To get your own Influencer Agreement Contract sample, Just click the preview below to open the document view, make a copy of your own, edit as you need, and download as PDF!

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This influencer contract template is intended to provide general information and guidelines only and is not a substitute for legal advice.

For in-depth, case-by-case analysis and to ensure absolute legal compliance of your promotional campaigns, please consult your legal counsel.

Hazel Mae Pan

Hazel Mae Pan is Content Manager & Copywriter at NinjaOutreach.