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Retail Marketing Strategy | Visual Merchandising

When a customer steps in a retail store or display center, he wants quick reach to his desire product.Retail Marketing Strategy

The arrangement of products is the very key factor in retail store sale.

Visual Merchandising is the process of displaying products with the objective of quick reach, easy approach, clear appearance and creating ease for customers.

Customers focus those retail store where they can shop easily. For making visual merchandising more favorable, these are main points to be considered:

Think As a Customer

Merchandising or displaying products should be according to you targeted customers.

For example, if your target market is children then arrange your products as per their level where they can reach easily.

Enter into your retail store and assume that you are here for a shop, then think what thing should me where and what arrangement will be the best for customers.

You can visit different other stores and learn what is good out there and what you can adopt.

Keep Display Focused

Make a list of products according to priority level and then display those products.

The front display should be the reserve for your premium products where customers attract more.

Something you to sell more, display at the heart of your store.

Display Angles

Research examine that while displaying products in the retail store, angles must be considered.

Each product has its own angle for display. For example, if you are selling floor solutions, the put them on the floor so that customer can experience them as a real.

If you are selling washroom wall tiles then display them just like a real washroom, so that customer experience those tiles as a real. Particularly, talking about bath vanity, display them with proper height and angle.

Visual Merchandising

Products Positioning

Positioning is the very important element in customer satisfaction. Customers make perception about products as per their standards, mindsets, and classes.

When you are displaying your products, considered their positioning too.

It means, places high positioned products on prominent places and place where a customer can access easily.

Good Presentation

The presentation is everything. The way you present things will be perceived as same.

Visual merchandising is all about presentation. Make your presentation good and arrange your products in a way just like customers want. Improve you product presentation with appropriate Colors, Lights, Photographs, and Graphics.

Create Experience Shop

One step ahead from the traditional retail shop, create experience shop. Use of products actually creates experience which leads to repeated sale or switching to other brand or products. Create the environment, where the customer actually experiences products before buying products.

For example, If the customer wants to buy wall tiles, create the opportunity to present tiles on wall with a proper display.

Every shopkeeper has the setup to display products but why visual merchandising is important?

The Very first objective is to make a sale. Attract customers with the perfect display of products so that he or she buy products and make sure that he or she will remember your merchandising style.

Another main objective of visual merchandising is to make a distinct look from your competitors so that customers will remember you for longer time period.

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