Reverse Marketing: Another View of Marketing

Marketing is all around us. Every business’s core activity is marketing even business starts with marketing. I the marketing, you promote yourself to your customers and tell them about your product and company. All this process is done through different ways like the advertisement, direct promotion, web advertisement, internet marketing social marketing. But in this world, another activity also happened around us and that is Reverse marketing.

Reverse Marketing: Another View of Marketing

Reverse Marketing Definition:

There are a number of definitions we can find but in simple words, “Reverse Marketing is opposite of traditional marketing and in reverse marketing consumer approach the company and show his interest in the company.”

It can be because of your advertisement or your product’s competitive advantage. Many other definitions are also given.

According to Wikipedia “Reverse Marketing is the concept of making the customer seek the firm rather than marketers seeking the customer.”

Usually, this is done through traditional means of advertising, such as television advertisements, print magazine advertisements, and online media. Another definition of reverse marketing is the customer (not the seller like in traditional marketing) takes the steps for searching a supplier that is able to fulfill its needs. All the process is done by customer or buyer.

So we can now understand that reverse marketing is not mostly used for hard sale tactics.

Most of the time it means no relationship at all.

Instead, reverse marketing gives an opportunity to a customer to search your company or your product to come to you by showing interest that you are fulfilling their needs and that you are savvy enough to help them meet their needs.

Advertising in Reverse Marketing

Different between advertisement in traditional marketing and advertisement in reserve marketing is quite simple. In the traditional way, you tell your audience that your product has a competitive advantage over your competitors and your product is serving best to your customer’s needs.

But in reverse marketing, you just give necessary information to your customers about your product.

This way you are giving to the consumer practical advice they are looking for at no price.

Then at the end of your advice, you include a little information about yourself including your website or your company‘s address or your product’s representative’s address.

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Reverse Marketing is Different Than Traditional Marketing

Since you have talked about their specific issue and using an answer to their query, the consumer does not feel as though you are trying to sell them anything.

The customer feels everything just an information. So if they found your product as a solution to their problem then they initiate the selling process and they offer price and terms and conditions.

You are helping the consumer achieve a goal they themselves have without trying to force them to buy anything. The consumer comes to you, not you to them.

So at the end, we can conclude the reverse marketing in these words “Reverse marketing is a marketing in which the buyer makes a proactive effort to sell itself to the supplier by:

  • Taking the steps to develop the relationships
  • Uses persuasion to convince the supplier
  • Suggesting attractive prices, terms & conditions
  • Being involved in product development with the supplier
  • Improving the supplier’s abilities and motivation to supply the required goods or services.

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