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New Age Small Business Marketing Automation [INFOGRAPHIC]

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That’s the dream, right?

As 2017 begins, however, personalization has become an even more important term in digital marketing. As customers share more information with service providers and product companies across the web, they want to feel understood and catered to.

This is where New Age Marketing Automation comes in.

CMOs and Digital Marketing teams today are responsible for a considerable amount of lead and revenue generation. As the digital economy becomes more competitive, teams need the right tools and platforms to let communication happen to customers at scale. Enterprise organizations need to deliver value in their customer experience. Communicating the right message at the right time is the best way to do so.

New age marketing automation focuses on personalization as an essential part of the communication process. Channels such as email, in-app, SMS, push are available to create a more omnichannel customer experience. Media and publishing houses, as well as e-commerce companies, will need to personalize their website experience, recommending and displaying only the most relevant information to every customer.

Gartner predicts that In 2017, CMOs will spend almost as much as CIOs in organizations. It is also predicted that in 2018, B2B companies who personalize their websites and experiences will be doing 30% better than others.

Our infographic gives you an overview of the current digital marketing scenario, its challenges, and opportunities, along with the numbers that put in perspective the urgent need for a New Age of Marketing Automation.



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