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(The following is a ‘guestographic’ submission from Dot Com Infoway about startup seo)

Successful startup seo can boost sales exponentially, driving future growth and helping to secure capital investors.

However, SEO strategies require a great deal of work and follow-up in order to be effective for a given company. SEO is not something that is done once and then forgotten about.

Instead, it is more similar to a philosophy that is followed over time and that is continually improved as new challenges and demands arise.

Here are some common pitfalls of withering SEO plans gone awry

The first sign that an SEO strategy will fail is if not enough funding had been secured in order to follow through with it.

In order to help secure such funds from a skeptical board, consider explaining that content marketing costs 31 percent less per lead than paid search for mid-sized enterprises and 41 percent less for larger enterprises.

It should also be mentioned that the results of SEO strategies are significantly better when compared with outdated modes, such as direct mail or advertisements.

Another sign that a strategy is doomed is when SEO results are not being tracked.

Companies cannot expect SEO to gain traction on its own.

Understanding a company’s current search statistics enables that company to know where exactly it is failing, which is in turn shows where improvement is needed.

For example, knowing that people are leaving a company’s website shortly after arriving can mean that something may be wrong with the layout or its content, thus showing that company that improve those areas is likely to get better numbers.

Lastly, creating unnatural looking link profiles, usually as a result of misunderstanding the keyword research process or how to apply it can result in prospective clients avoiding your site.

A way to prevent this problem is to track SEO results and understanding the information it presents.

SEO marketing is a continually evolving process that typically yields results on the basis of how much effort is put into the strategies.

Knowing how to keep that strategy healthy and effective is imperative for a company’s growth.

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When it startup seo is the only viable method of gaining success

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