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7 Effective Strategies for Blogging Success

Do you want to become the next blogging star in your niche? Do you want to make your blogging success an exciting story?

If yes, this post is for you.

Becoming an authority blogger is usually the dream of most bloggers, especially new bloggers that are just getting started in the blogging business. Traits-Of-Successful-Bloggers

This post is essentially for people who want to redefine their blogs and bring it into limelight in the shortest time possible. Perhaps, the key to success is when you know the right thing to do at the right time in the right place and with the right people.

Understanding what do at the right moment will not only save you energy but also speed up progress of your business.


I will advise you to read through every line of this post and do away with all forms of distractions because I believe this article will open your eyes and push you to greater heights in your blogging career.

That said; here are the 7 Strategies and 3 reminders that will help you become a Successful Blogger.

Strategy#1 – Write Great Contents

Content is king!”

Yeah…. Content is indeed king! This is the basic truth about blogging and content marketing. If your contents suck, you suck!

There is no short cut to becoming a successful blogger without creating quality and useful contents for your readers. Your readers are coming to your blog to read your articles and the only thing that will determine if they will still come back is still your articles.

There is no way to become an authority blogger in any niche without providing quality contents that solve people’s problem or educate them. Just take a look at the top bloggers in your niche; you will discover that quality contents are not missing on their blogs.

Strategy#2 – Guest Posting on Authority Blogs

I know there has been a lot of fuss about guest blogging in recent times, but I still have a strong belief in the power of guest blogging.

Guest blogging is a great way to build up your profile in your niche. Apart from the credibility that guest blogging adds to your online profile, guest blogging is also a means for showcasing your expertise to a wide range of audience whom might have heard of you before and this is surely one thing you need if you want to become a successful blogger.

Another great perk of guest blogging is traffic. Traffic????  Yea, traffic.

Guest blogging is a great way to drive FREE targetted traffic to your own blog. A lot of top bloggers like Onibalusi Bamidele, Danny Iny, and the likes have built great blogs and brand for themselves by harnessing the power of guest blogging.

If you really want to your name to get know quickly, guest blogging is one strategy that I will recommend you try out.

Strategy#3 – Network with Authority Bloggers in Your Niche

There is a popular adage that says ‘show me your friends and I will tell you who you are”. There is another version that says “Birds of the same feather flocks together”.

This means that your association somehow determines the kind of respect you get. Imagine me being friends with President Barack Obama; I know everyone will surely treat me differently including you!

Networking with other top bloggers is quite simpler than it used to look. Most authority bloggers in your niche will surely be on popular social media sites like facebook, Twitter and Google plus.

You should find the top bloggers in your niche on this platform and add them as friends, follow them & circle them. Comment on their updates, ask them questions and interact with them.

By doing this, their followers will start noticing you, and these Top bloggers too will start noticing you.

Regular commenting on top blogs in your niche is also a great way to connect with authority bloggers and create awareness about you and your blog.

Strategy#4 – Mention Top Bloggers and Link to Them in Your Posts

Believe me, linking out to authority sites works like magic!

Linking out to other top blogs in your niche increases your credibility and it proves to your readers that you are connected to the industry experts and you know what is going on in your niche.

Some readers will even begin to see you as friends or colleagues of these top bloggers just because you link to them.

Apart from the credibility benefits, linking out to other relevant articles will also help your readers to understand the topic you are teaching very well, linking out will improve their knowledge about the subject matter and they will be grateful to you for it.

Strategy#5 – Interview Experts in Your Niche

Running your niche expert interviews on your blog is a great way to build up your authority fast and also your relationship with other authorities in your industry.

I have become a bit closer and familiar with a lot of great bloggers from around the world as a result of the interview series that I run on this blog.

As a result of interview authority bloggers, I have been able to get a bunch of new readers and followers to my blog.

If you want to become an authority in your niche, I will recommend you create an interview section on your blog and start pitching Experts in your niche for the interviews.

Strategy#6 – Good Design and Branding

Have you seen any authority blog with an Ugly design?

You see, people of nowadays are very sensitive and your blog design and branding determine to some extent how serious they will take you.

If you own a blog with an ugly design with no logo, then you are sending a negative signal to your readers.

Take a few minutes to study those authority blogs design and try to see how they arrange things and brand themselves.

Authority bloggers know the importance of good design and branding and a lot of them have paid thousands of dollars to developers and graphics designs who helped them build unique designs and graphics for their blogs.

You don’t have to spend thousands like them.

So, if you are dreaming of becoming a successful blogger, you should pay attention to your blog design and branding.

Strategy#7 – Write Case Studies

Case studies have proven itself to be a no-fail strategy for building up authority as a blogger in any niche.

A case study is all about trying something out, dissecting a strategy or performing an experiment that will interest most people in your niche and then share your findings with your readers!

I have seen a couple of bloggers who have built 6-figure income blog off case studies. If you want quick fame and success in your niche, writing case studies post is a sure strategy to implement.

Reminder#1 – Too Many Rules destroy the plan

Concurring with every rule and tip you come across on the internet will do more harm to your blog than good.

What worked for Blogger A may not be the best method for Blogger B so if Blogger B sticks strictly to Blogger A rules; his blog may end up a failure. Although, sometimes it is better to replicate what others have done to get results just like they have but most times the best results are gotten even when you break the rules of PROBLOGGERS.

You must learn not to obey every rule, you must learn to create your own new working methods, you must throw away the old formulas and trying creating new ones for yourself.

This way, you get to learn more, get new results and become an authority in your niche (especially if your plan works out well and no one else knows about it)

Reminder#2 – Carry out Control Experiments

For you to succeed fast with your blog, you’ve sometimes make use of “the Trial and Error” while putting a backup plan in case the experiment fails.

An example of this is when we wanted to get people to subscribe to our blog in the beginning, we first set up a popup form alone, but this didn’t convert so well and it was even pissing people off as we saw where exactly people were leaving the blog from Google Analytics.

After much research, we came up with another experiment of trying a content upgrade.

We came up with the first freebie, an eBook that explains in the simplest way, the methods of retaining traffic used by Top Bloggers.

This turned out to be a massive hit and brought out a very positive result as we were able to raise our conversion rate by 35% that week alone and since then, it has kept rising and even better when we dropped the second book “How to Start a Blog from the Scratch”

Reminder#3 – Experience Matters A Lot

It is bitter to say this but the truth is that experience counts a lot. If you don’t have any experience of blogging before, it is sometimes harder to succeed faster than the more experienced man.

The more experience man has tasted all, tested many methods and definitely won’t do things the way a newbie would.

But there is an alternative to this for a newbie, in place of experience, you can turn towards books and read more than just enough.

Another smart way is “using” other bloggers to your advantage. Here you just have to use the power of networking to your advantage.

If you have little or no experience about a particular way something is done, it is better to just make many bloggers (preferably those more experienced than you are) your friends.

Yes I am talking about influencer marketing.

Develop a strong relationship with them and you can always count on their wealth of experience to succeed.

Don’t be deceived, you can’t blog alone! You may the sole owner of your blog, but you can’t just blog alone because you’ll sure need the help some other bloggers to rise fast.

Include this strategy in your plan and you’ll sure see desirable results.

Final Words

Becoming an authority blogger does not happen overnight, it involves a great deal of hard work, patience and continuous learning!

A lot of people have started from the bottom and rose to the top, making blogging success a dream come true, if they can do it, you too can do it!

What strategy do you love most when it comes to building a blog’s Authority.


Joseph Adediji

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