5 Tips for Writing Taglines that Convert First Time Readers

After my last post on this blog where I revealed the secret of how an “about me” page can be used as a super traffic retaining tool, I decided to expose you to another super traffic retaining secret which lies in writing compelling taglines.

A tagline is short description of your blog conveying your brand to readers.

blog taglines

Although many bloggers are yet to realise how powerful taglines can retain traffic, taglines (if written well) are a great way of retaining your blog first timers.

The way to do this is what I’ll be discussing in this post. If you want to start converting first time readers into subscribers for your blog, then using compelling taglines can be of great help.

Some bloggers just create taglines for the sake of having one without really bothering about the effect of what a tagline does on their blogs.

Just like an “about me” page, a tagline is either converting first time readers on your blog or driving them away very fassssst!

Below are the 5 tips to always consider when crafting a tagline for your blog:

#1.      Make it Short

It is always better to use few words in your tagline rather than describing your blog with long lines of text. Long description will easily lose impact.

The shorter, the more effective it is.

#2.      Make it Memorable

Your tagline should be memorable if it is to be remembered by first time visitors. Don’t try in any way to use a jargon in your tagline. Make it very clear and simple.

Readers stumble upon a lot of blogs every day so one of the ways you can make them come back is to inject a memory of your blog into them.

#3.      Avoid Most used Words

If you want your tagline to make any impact, you should avoid frequently used words. Don’t use what others have used or it won’t make any difference to visitors. Try to create your brand word.

#4.         Insert the WIIFM word

WIIFM means “What is in for me”; this question is what a first time reader will first ask your tagline.

With whatever tagline you use, the next question a reader asks is “SO WHAT?”

He wants to know the benefit of your blog to him. This is what will either make him stay or leave.

A very good example is the tagline for this blog   “Blogging Tips to help you Build a profitable blog

Note the words “help” and “profitable” which means we aren’t just giving out this blogging tips but we are doing so to help you in building a blog that will rake in profits for you.

This is a good way of convincing readers to stay on your blog.

#5.      Speak to your readers

Write a tagline that speaks directly to the audience. Don’t try to use corporate terms.

Check out these analyses:

Live your life the Better Way

“Your”- speaking to them directly

“Better”-the WIIFM word

Another one is:

Helping you Reach your Dreams

“You”- speaking to them directly

“Helping”- your brand promise

“Reach”- the WIIFM word

Our tagline:

Blogging Tips to Help you Build a Profitable Blog

“Help”- your promise

“You” – Speaking to Them

“Build Profitable” – the WIIFM word

“Blogging Tips”- this is a way of making readers remember the blog by inserting these words from the blog URL address into the tagline.


Now that you have an idea of how to craft your own tagline, just use the above frame to create yours.

If you do this well enough, then your blog tagline may just start converting first time readers into subscribers.

David Schneider

Dave is the Co-Founder of Ninja Outreach and has a passion for digital marketing and travel. You can find him at @ninjaoutreach and [email protected]