You are currently viewing Link Roundup Guide : How to Do SEO & Content Marketing Roundups

Link Roundup Guide : How to Do SEO & Content Marketing Roundups

Do you know what link roundups are? Every now and then I check my Google Analytics and I notice some traffic from an unknown source.

Often, they are link round ups.

In today’s tutorial I am going to tell you what you need to know about link round ups, such as:

  • What they are
  • How to find them
  • How to get featured in them
  • A master list of 60+ link round ups to check out

So let’s get started.

What Is Link Round Up?

If you’re new to this game, link round ups are essentially blog posts that feature other peoples’ blog posts. Kind of meta, isn’t it? They often appear weekly or monthly and will be themed around a particular topic such as SEO, content marketing, social media marketing, blogging, business, marketing, etc.

The idea of course is to share content with your readers from other sources. Changes are if you are blogging you are reading other blogs as well, and if you are doing work that benefits you then it would probably benefit your audience to know about it.

As this content is presented as being “the best” or at least interesting, people are particularly inclined to visit, which is why it’s great to be featured.

How Do I Find Link Round Ups?

There are a couple easy ways to find link round ups in your niche.

  1. Pay attention to your traffic/pingbacks – One easy way is to simply be featured in one. If you are, you will probably get a pingback or notice some traffic coming in from a somewhat abnormal source. This is how I found out about Rich’s link round up as well as his main site Clambr. Since then, I’ve had some dialogue with him and I think he checks out my site from time to time.
  2. Google Search – The next is to simply search in Google, which isn’t as hard as it sounds. There are some particular keywords people tend to use and you can target those. Here’s how:

intitle: roundup “YOUR KEYWORD”

In addition to the word round up, you might want to try variations, such as

    • Link love
    • Linky love
    • Friday’s best (or another day of the week)
    • Mashups
    • Friday finds
    • Tuesday tips
    • Speedlinks
    • Best of
    • Top 10
    • May edition
    • Post awards
    • Weekly
    • Monthly
    • Roundups

Remember to vary days of the week and months to get all the variations.

How To Get Featured In Link Round Ups?

Of course there is no sure fire way to get featured in anything, but two methods work alright.

The first is to work on building a relationship with the blogger. For example, Lewis from CloudIncome and I are friends. As a result, he tends to read my blog, and from time to time, will feature me in his link round up. Jason, from DoSEOYourself has done the same.

The second is to email them directly a few days or so before their link round up goes live, and let them know about some of the content you have written and how it might be a great edition to their round up. That’s how I got my Triberr post featured in Matthew Woodward’s round up. Preferably you include recent content, as many people have restrictions that the post was published in the last week or month.

I like to break down my content into specific categories as well as write out the description for them to make it super easy to be included.

After all, it is a lot of work to curate this content, and I do believe that webmasters appreciate having it handed to them quite easily.

Here is a script I might use:

Hey Kristi

My name is Dave and I am a blogger at

I was looking for some link round up posts and I came across yours. I was hoping I could submit some of my articles for consideration. I have split them into category, with a short description.

Also I am writing a post highlighting all the different people with link round ups, so I’d love to feature yours too!

Thanks so much for your consideration, and have a lovely day!

Content Marketing

Title: The Definitive Guide To Guest Posting For Traffic
Description: Although guest posting has been a controversial topic this year, this article breaks it down into everything you need to know to find the right blogs to pitch, and get a great feature that will drive traffic to your blog.

Social Media

Title: Hacking Triberr – How I Got A 6 Million Reach In Two Weeks With 80 Twitter Followers

Description: Triberr is still relatively new for social media, but in this case study we see that even with just a few Twitter followers you can experience great results in a short amount of time.


Title: How To Organize A Killer Round Up Post That Gets 300+ Shares

Description: Round up posts can be a fantastic way to connect with influencers in your niche. This article is a case study on how a relatively new blog got three hundred shares and a lot of traffic by featuring 39 entrepreneurs

Business And Marketing

Title: 39 Successful Entrepreneurs Share Their FIRST Ever Sale

Description: If you are wondering about what product or service you should sell next, check out this case study of 39 entrepreneurs who share their first ever sales!

I should note that while the above is formatted quite nicely, it looks like crap coming through a contact form – but nothing you can do about that. I also added the URL because you can’t hyperlink in a contact form.

Master List Of Link Round Ups

If you are interested in doing or being featured in a link round up, I have done a search and collected as many link round ups as I could find. There will be instances where the person is no longer doing their round up so you should definitely check, but for the most part it is up to date and as new ones come in I am happy to add them. The name is linked to a recent round up that they have done, and I have noted the topic and frequency.

Website Topic Frequency
kikolani Marketing Weekly
Francisco from iblogzone Content Marketing, Social Media Weekly
Laura from seocopywriting SEO and Copywriting Weekly
Brooke from repcapitalmedia Social Media Monthly
Joseph from blogaid SEO and content marketing Weekly
Sherryl from keepupwiththeweb SEO Weekly
Chris from verticalmeasures Content Marketing, Social Media Weekly
Matthew from matthewwoodward SEO/Content Marketing Monthly
Jason from doseoyourself SEO/Content Marketing Monthly
Lewis from cloudincome SEO/Content Marketing Monthly
Michael from tucsonvelo Bicycling Monthly
Ross from crowdspring startups, entrepreneurship, small business Weekly
Richard from techtoucan Content Marketing, Social Media Monthly
Denise from writeandgetpaid Writing Monthly
Mike from internetjetstream Content Marketing, Social Media Monthly
Julie from thisgalcooks Food Weekly
Jane from makeaheadmealsforbusymoms Food Weekly
Kristi from ishouldbemoppingthefloor Food Weekly
Lisa from flourmewithlove Food Weekly
Aubrey from homegrownandhealthy Food Weekly
Amanda from naturallivingmamma Food Weekly
Judy from bakeatmidnite Food Weekly
Anyonita from anyonita-nibbles Food Weekly
Mandy from mandysrecipeboxblog Food Weekly
Jill from realfoodforager Food Weekly
Erin from ourtableforseven Food Weekly
Kristy from sheeats Food Weekly
Kelly from kellythekitchenkop Food Weekly
Linda from glutenfreehomemaker Food Weekly
Aka from foodyschmoodyblog Food Weekly
Nancy from realfoodallergyfree Food Weekly
Lea from nourishingtreasures Food Weekly
Miz from mizhelenscountrycottage Food Weekly
Millie from homespunoasis Food Weekly
Kimi from thenourishinggourmet Food Weekly
Cindy from vegetarianmamma Food Weekly
Katie from nourishingsimplicity Food Weekly
Jess from hungryharps Food Weekly
Mark from vizioninteractive Internet Marketing Weekly
Marla from aristotlebuzz Social Media Weekly
Jim from internetmarketingninjas SEO, Internet Marketing Weekly
Michelle from seo-e SEO, Content Marketing Weekly
Jason from uklinkology Marketing, Content Marketing and Social Media
Ethan from roadsidemultimedia Marketing, Blogging Weekly
Tom from cornerstonecontent Content Marketing Monthly
Corey from northcutt SEO, Social Media and Content Marketing Monthly
Joanne from JoanneClancy Writer Content Marketing and Writing Weekly
Hannah from repcapitalmedia Content Marketing and Social Media Monthly
Helen from ahrefs SEO, Content Marketing Weekly
Rob from zadroweb SEO, Content Marketing Weekly
Ross from crowdspring Business, Social Media and Marketing Weekly
Steve from stevefarnsworth Blogging, Social Media, Marketing Monthly
Sean from visiblehq SEO, Blogging Weekly
Garry from seoinc SEO Weekly
Mitch from pndblog.typepad Marketing Monthly
Susan from .hallaminternet Blogging, Marketing Monthly
Ben from bensbeerblog Blogging Weekly
Jaclyn from jaclynpaul Blogging Monthly
Jacob from NomadicNotes Digital Nomad Related News Fortnightly

Note: Kristi has discontinued hers for now but has plans to restart it in a few months.

If you know of one that I missed (even if it’s yours) feel free to tell me in the comments, and I’ll add it!

David Schneider

Dave is an author at Ninja Outreach and has a passion for digital marketing and travel. You can find him at @ninjaoutreach and [email protected]