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Why You Need A Lead Generation Process Now


I’m happy to invite my first guest post from Josh London. I first met Josh through my mega round up post 39 Successful Entrepreneurs Share Their First Sale EVER.

Josh is #37

And arguably one of the most interesting ones because he sold a magic show!

Catch more from Josh at www.ClickConvertProfit.com.

Take it away, Josh!
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Generating new quality leads for your business online is an essential and ever evolving skill, talent and necessity you need to embrace if you want to grow your business.

Nothing new there, but I want to share with you the power of a quality lead generation process that has helped me become #1 on Google, Yahoo and Bing AND be on the front page 5-6 times while my competitors are only on once.

Notice that I emphasize the word quality – twice.

Generating any and all traffic is of no use to those of us who sell services, we need to generate quality traffic.

When you generate quality traffic to your website you are able to obtain:

1. Higher conversion rates
2. Increased engagement
3. More sales

The reason is simple, with quality lead generation traffic you are targeting the searcher who is actively looking to find, discover and purchase.

In the old days throwing your postcard around at a coffee shop might have helped build business, but it was a wasted effort with you losing valuable time going to and from different locations, buying postcards and the postcards eventually being thrown in the trash.

The lead generation strategy I use to obtain 64% of my new clients is Google Adwords.

Google has made it incredibly easy to connect with the prospects who are searching for what you have to offer and show them how you’re different, better and the right choice to do business with.

When I first started using Adwords I lost a lot of money. Try over $800 in 2 weeks!

I was selling my services as a Magician to my market in San Diego, CA. I saw the benefit of connecting with those who were actively typing in “San Diego Magician” in the search engine.

What I didn’t know was how powerful Adwords was.

When people search for the service your solutions provides they get 20 or so results. You might be mixed in there among all the others who say the same things like “100% Money Back Guarantee,”“Same Day Service,” “Best in the City,” etc.

It’s great to be found, but what’s even better is being on the front page 6 times!

Higher conversion rates

When people are actively looking for the solutions your business offers and they find your website via organic search listing or by an ad the chances of them converting from a lead to a client increases exponentially.

Let me explain.

If you have a leak with the pipes under you sink and water is flowing everywhere, making a mess and causing damage, do you search for “funny cat pictures,” or do you search for “plumber?”

I’m not a betting man, but I am willing to put money on the fact that you’ll be calling the top search results because you need the sink fixed fast!

My point is this; when your prospects have a problem and turn to the search engine to find solutions, they will be more willing to interact and contact you for further information.

Having a quality (there’s that word again) lead generation process in place will help get you found for the exact people who need you now.

No longer do you have to waste your time putting up flyers, you can reach the people who want and need you.

Increased engagement

Client engagement is everything in this content driven world we live in.

Without engagement with your prospects you lose their attention to competitors and lose the sale.

This is why we make demo videos, white sheets, infographics, and thousands of other engagement pieces.

When people search for your business services you need to engage and obtain their information. Don’t just let them wander in then leave.

Have you ever been to a new city on vacation and seen a store that looks interesting and promising and found yourself snooping around the store for hours?

It happens to me all the time. I end up“lost” inside the store looking at all the trinkets and items. And guess what – I usually always buy something.

The store effectively captured my attention and when I was there they engaged and interacted with me in a way where I felt comfortable and welcomed and it resulted in a sale and a great story about this new store I found to tell my friends.

more sales

When you capture and engage with prospects who are actively looking for your services you really have a HUGE opportunity to make a sale and gain a new client.

But, well before the sale happens you must complete the first steps of capturing the lead, engaging the lead, informing the lead and then you can make the sale.


There is so much written about online marketing, but surrounded by all the hype is the fact that people are buying services and products, not analytics or conversion rates or any other metrics.

Sales are made by human beings.

People like you and me. We want to be treated well. We want to be shown the process of how your business operates from A to Z. We want our hand held through the whole process.

Only then, when we fully understand your process, how your different and how you can help us will we decide to take the next step and get more information or even buy.

Take the time to create and implement your Lead Generation Process and Strategy.

I guarantee that you will see a huge leap in more leads and sales.

Josh London

Josh London is an entrepreneur and who started performing magic shows at age 5. Since then he has performed over 3,000 shows from Fortune 500 Companies to children’s birthday parties.

In addition to maintaining a demanding performing schedule, he also helps small business owners sell their services better with internet marketing that works.