7 Automated Emailing Template

7 Automated Emailing Template For Your E-commerce Store

Do you want to increase your sales and get new clients? There’s no more effective way to accomplish this goal then presenting them an offer they just can’t resist! But how would one go about sending these offers in a really engaging way?

The answer is ridiculously simple: email! Those who think that email marketing is dead are missing on tremendous opportunities to advance their business.

Compared with popular content marketing and social media marketing methods, email is a more mature channel for attracting the attention of prospects and customers.

The numbers don’t lie: the number of email users worldwide (more than 3.7 billion) is almost three times the amount of people using Facebook and Twitter (1.6 billion and 320 million respectively).

For marketers, this means a great opportunity to reach more people and generate more revenue.

Next, email marketing is 40 times more effective at getting new clients through popular social media networks like Twitter and Facebook.

Also, emails can be highly personalized to tailor the experience of receivers on the e-commerce site (re-engagement prompts, abandoned cart reminders, etc.). Social media can’t provide the same level of personalization!

Moreover, email has staying power. It has been here for decades, which cannot be said for many social media networks (anyone remembers Myspace?).

The number of email users will only continue to increase with time. This phenomenon is here to stay. Period.

That’s why email marketing has been one of the most valued strategies by marketers in the recent years. For example, over 86 percent of companies surveyed by the 2016 Email Marketing Insights Study reported that they plan to increase email marketing budgets.

It becomes increasingly clear that businesses recognize the tremendous significance and benefits of email marketing. If one is to join them to use it as a primary marketing tool, a number of special emails need to be employed to ensure positive results.

They will be a huge part of an email marketing plan because they address prospects and customers directly and personalize their experience with the company.

From abandoned cart recovery emails to post-purchase follow-up, they are able to personalize the sales journey and keep receivers updated with the latest offers and announcements.

The folks at Assignment Helper prepared a fantastic infographic that tells the story of seven emails. These emails are essential for everyone running an e-commerce store because they provide an unprecedented level of personalization and engagement for a relatively inexpensive cost.

Each of the emails described in the infographic is recommended to be sent out on an automated basis to ensure the best outcome. Email automation is a new step because it eliminates the need to manually create and send an email campaign to every person who signed up on the website.

Moreover, the automation software sends out emails without you ever having to lift a finger. That’s a huge time-saver.

Read how to make your emails personalized and hyper-relevant to readers to deliver an offer they just can’t resist.

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