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5 Useful SEO Tips That Will Improve Your Blog Rankings

In this era, Blog ranking is an important topic of discussion. Bloggers and internet marketers are now devoting more time to learning Search Engine Optimization so that they can rank their websites to the top of search engines like Google. seo_tips

I know there are millions of SEO articles out there, but one thing that I have discovered is that most people are actually making mistakes in the basics of SEO. Search Engine Optimization has gone back to the basics and Google is getting much smarter by the day, so we all have to get smarter too and do things the right way.

I know you must have been optimizing your blogs before now, but I will love to share with you the new and better ways of doing SEO if you want to get better rankings and be safe from penalty updates.

Without much ado, here are 6 Useful SEO Tips that will help you improve your blog rankings.

#1 – Choose the Right Keywords

Hmmm…… the importance of keywords has been a topic that has been taught by various bloggers and SEO specialist across the web. If you really want to improve your blog rankings, then you should dedicate some time to keyword research.

When you choose the right keywords for your blog posts, you are one 3 step ahead of your competitors and it makes it easier for you to clinch that top spot in SERPs. As a blogger, you need to careful choose the keywords you want to rank for and make sure you go for the long tails keywords because they usually have low competitions hence they are very easy to rank for.

#2 – In SEO, Quality Content is the Key!

High-quality unique contents will always be favored by search engines at any point in time, Google has made this point clear times without number but it is unfortunate that some bloggers still fail to develop themselves and work towards creating quality contents.

When you create unique quality contents on your blog, you stand a chance of getting higher rankings compared to other bloggers with crappy blog posts. Quality contents do not have to be a long and boring blog post, a quality content only needs to be informative, helpful, detailed and has your views/voice.

When you create quality contents that people will love, the content tends to get shared naturally and it has a great chance of going viral which will, in turn, result in better rankings and traffic for you. So if you have not been creating quality contents for your readers, have a rethink today because CONTENT IS KING!

#3 – Forget about Link Building

These days we are all somehow crazy about getting links to our blogs because we believe our success and rankings depends solely on it. It is no more news that Google now has a BIG ready-made hammer for link spammers and they don’t think twice before they hit you with that Hammer!

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying back links are unimportant; in fact backlinks play a major role in SEO. All I am just saying is that you should not get too eager to get them. If your contents are crappy, you will never get good rankings even if you build a million backlinks! The only thing you will get is to get your site removed from Google SERPs when you get labeled as a spammer.

These days, one of the most important types of link building that we are all neglecting is “Internal link building” which is greatly important and it can be the magic you need to boost your blog posts rankings. Instead of chasing spam links around the web, try to interlink your blog posts and make it easier for your readers to navigate between your new and old articles and keep them busy on your website.

Also, your blog navigation should be well planned so that your visitors can find it easy to navigate through the important pages on your blog; this will surely benefit you Search Engine Optimization goal.

#4 – Optimize Your Blog for Speed

Website speed is now an integral part of SEO and you should not handle this aspect with levity. It is not a fallacy that Google now considers the users’ experience of a website in their ranking algorithm, and one of the most important usability factors Google considers is Site Speed.

People and search engines are no longer a fan of slow websites, so if you are running a blog that takes a couple of seconds to load, you should consider optimizing your blog for better speed and user experience.

Optimizing your blog for better speed is not a rocket science; you can start by using a cache plugin, minifying and combining CSS files, using a CDN and so on.

#5 – Optimize your Blog for Mobile Users

Whether you like it or not, people are now using their mobiles than they do use their PCs and so it is important that you optimize your website for mobile users. The best way to optimize your blog for mobile users is to use a custom mobile theme on your blog but it is still okay if you use a responsive theme that displays and adapts well to mobile devices.

For those who want to go the custom mobile theme way, I will recommend you use MobilePress plugin or the Jetpack mobile theme feature; these two mobile views plugin works well and they give your blog a stunning look on mobile devices.

Also, having a mobile sitemap on your blog can also be a great step to optimizing your blog for mobile users and better rankings for mobile searches, I have found a WordPress plugin that does the job of creating mobile sitemaps effectively, and it is called Udinra Mobile sitemap, It is free to download.

To round-off

SEO is a changing game and it is evolving by the day! We all have to be on the lookout for changes and restructure our SEO strategies has these changes occur.

Today, I have shared with you 5 SEO Strategies that will help improve your rankings and I hope you like them. What other SEO tips do you recommend? Share them in the comments, we will love to learn from you.

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