Rocket Sing – Salesman of the year

Characteristics Of A Salesman

If you are a salesman then you are very interesting personality. A common myth around the characteristics of salesman exists that salesman is a very lowest worker and probably a low life without any sense of reality.

Some days ago, due to my study, I met some salespersons, who had much experience in this field. I also got the chance to watch a very interesting movie, Rocket Singh Salesman of the Year.

Rocket Sing - Salesman of the year

I realize that it is too difficult to do this job because not everyone has capabilities to do such tremendous and interesting job.

During the movie, I found some interesting characteristics, according to me and I know you all will agree with me.

I want to clear one misperception here that selling is not marketing. Selling is a part of marketing.

If you are good in selling then you are a great marketer. Because I realize marketing starts with the selling.

Bellow is my analysis of what should be the characteristics of a salesman.

Salesman Must Have Passion

This is all about passion. If you have a passion for getting more confidence, want to create more relationships, want to be socialized, you are the salesman by nature.

I am again telling you that not everyone can be a salesperson. You are the only one who deserves to be passionate.

Persuasion Is The Core Characteristic Of A Salesman

The first characteristic that one salesperson should have is persuasion.

If you cannot persuade someone to buy your product you cannot get a good career in this field.

Here I want to mention that persuasion doesn’t mean selling you product.

In general terms, we can understand persuasion, that how can you easily convey your thoughts to your opponent.

A salesperson must have this characteristic in order to pursue your customers.

Salesman Never Give Up

Another important thing I realize a salesperson should have is patience.

Many times you will fail in the field and many times people will reject you but you have to show patience.

Never give up. Let all the people reject you but you just follow your way, follow your passion and finally you must receive your reward.

Salesman Are Sharp Minded

You have to be sharp minded in the field of sales. I am not telling you that be unethical.

Sharp in a sense that gets the opportunity and avails it before others.

Here I want to mention one example of sharpness I got from the movie is that a salesman must know how to read opposite side of the record book.

This is just an example, I want to show you how important sharpness in marketing and sales field.

Sitting In A Big Office Is Not How You Start

I am a struggling to get a good job in the sales field. But honestly speaking.

I will never accept if anyone offers me a higher position in the marketing department with some great facilities like big office, accommodation, vehicle etc. because what I learned from my teachers and from the market is you cannot manage salespersons effectively if you don’t have sales experience.

If you want a respectable position in sales field you have to get face some difficulties at the beginning.

Always Ready To Take Risk

If you are not a risk taker, you never earn more. A simple formula used in finance field that high-risk high return.

I use this formula in the sales field also. Try to take the challenge of you work. Don’t be afraid of taking the risk because without taking a risk you can’t get enough and quick reward and experience.

A dialogue really impressed me in movie Rocket Singh Salesman of the year (Risk to Spiderman ko bii lena parta hae main to phr bhi salesman hun)

Reality Matters More Than Emotion

Selling in not an emotional game, it is a sensible work.

You have to control your emotions at every stage and be ready for every situation that you can face in the field either it’s in your favor or maybe it leads you down.

People may reject you at an earlier stage but don’t get hyper. Just relax and keep thinking what goes wrong, what may you do to get your position back.

Key To Success Is Your Relations With Customers

Selling is based on relation. I am not in favor of one-time selling. Long term relation finally leads you a huge profit.

If you start one relation right now, it is the research study, if you continue this relation in good ways; this will give you 6 times more value after just 6 months.

So the conclusion is this that never tries to spoil your relations with your customers. Always be relation maker.

If your product is not the need of your customer, never lead him in wrong way.

Be his good adviser and tell him truth rather than selling him an unnecessary thing that spoils your relations in future.

Salesman Do Not Lie

Do not misguide your customer. You are one who can actually guide the customer.

My one teacher said to me that salesman cannot afford to tell a lie with the customer because making sales depend on the product and product need truth to be sold.

Lie leads toward the close of the relationship.

Salesman Do Not Take Stress

The salesman must have to relax every time.

You are the bridge between company and customer and if you are out of stress then you can do your job effectively.

Because you are one who helps the company and customer also. You have to keep eyes open in the market and have to do your work smoothly.

Salesmen Are Not An Ordinary Person

Another myth spins around us that who fails in all other field start doing salesmanship.

I am strongly against it. No one can be the salesman if he is not.

A sales person has some specific characteristics and honestly speaking without these characteristics no one can be a salesman.

So please never think that you are an ordinary person.

I personally know one salesman who is currently earning more than 100,000 Pakistani rupees per month just because of his personal characteristics and strategies.

Salesman Are Always Hungry For Sale

Be ready always to make a sale. Be ready to help your customer. Always get your hunger at a high level.

Selling is basically a continuous process and if you disconnect during the process you may fail.

So this is my personal opinion that is ready always for making sales.

Salesman Helps The Customers

Selling is a long term process and it ends when customer purchase next time again.

So my point is that after making sale first time does not let your customer alone.

Help him after making the sale because keep in mind that customer does not need you, you are the one who needs the customer.

Salesman Understand The People And The Market

I already told you that you are a salesman and you are the bridge between customer and company.

So always try to understand you customers and do in favor of them. Make yourself as your customers need.

Got any questions? Or maybe, have something to add? Please leave a comment below and tell us what you’re thinking. Cheers 🙂