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How to Run a Direct Email Campaign

From time to time people ask us how they can run a direct email campaign, when all they have are email addresses (and other data that doesn’t include a website).

This tutorial will show you a hack on how to do that, but it essentially comes down to this:

You have to create a filler website.

So, let’s begin.

Step 1: Creating the CSV file

Let’s assume you’re working with a spreadsheet, like a Google SpreadSheet.
Just make a copy of this google sheet
Copy all your email address into a column like this

Spreadsheet with email address only

Now you need to export that file into a csv file

Click on File -> Download As -> Comma-separated Vlues (CSV)

This will download your csv to your default download folder.

Step 2: Importing Your CSV to Launch a Direct Email Campaign

Now you want to do a CSV import into NinjaOutreach. You can do so following these instructions.

Just make sure to assign the email address to it’s respective field (Email 1),.

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