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How To Manage Any Outreach Campaign W/ Your Team With NinjaOutreach

Managing outreach campaigns is a lot of work – we know.

So we’ve built some great CRM features that are worth noting to help you keep track.

Many people commented that they wanted an improved way to track prospects, so we built out a far superior CRM to help you do that. It includes a lot of things, such as:

Your Prospects Tab – Profile Page

Let’s say a blogger published a post for you and you want to capture that link and assign it to the blogger. You can do that in the manage form for each blogger.

On this page you get a snapshot view of the prospect, and can add links that you agreed on.

Your Prospects Tab - Profile Page

Relationship Status

Want to know what stage you are at with a prospect?

We have an extensive drop-down menu from which you can select what actions have been done on a prospect. It will say when, what, and how many times.


Relationships and notes

This has also been added to the filter, so you can find all the prospects who are at the same relationship stage, for example, all of the bloggers who agreed to a guest post.


Email Management

How do you know who you’ve emailed and who you haven’t? Easy, we put a filter in for that:

Email Management

Email History

See what emails have been sent to the prospect, who sent them, and when. This syncs across all your team members, so you will always know who has sent what email to whom.

Email History

Dynamic Notes

If you’re working with a team, you’re going to want to be leaving notes to each other.

What’s important is to see who wrote what, when.

We’ve got that in our notes history.

Dynamic Notes

Follow-Up Reminders

When you send an email, you will be defaulted to a follow-up of 3 days later .

Follow-Up Reminders

In the filter, you can filter by Follow Up, and it will show you which bloggers you need to follow up with.

filter by Follow Up

If/when you send another email, we will tag the follow up as “sent”, and the prospect will be removed from this list.

You can also see in your notifications bar when the next follow-up is due!

notifications for next follow-up

Using the above features, you can tell, across all your team members, where you’re at with a prospect, what emails they’ve been sent, and when they need to be followed up with.

Tips For Effectively Managing Your Outreach

Alright, so you’re familiar with all the outreach features, now what are some tips?

  1. Tags are your friends. Tag bloggers if they respond positively. Heck, tag them if they don’t respond at all. For example, you can use the bulk edit to bulk tag your list and set everyone to now response, then tag them with a positive response as one comes in. The benefit of this is being able to filter by a tag and get exactly who you want.
  2. Set follow up reminders on your outreach. Default is 3 days, but one week and two weeks are also options.
  3. Use relationship management. Because this is also a filterable item, it helpful to keep up to date with the relationship status of a prospect, so that you can filter to see everyone at a particular level.
  4. Add key links. Add links to your prospects (like key pages, a post they did for you, etc). Then if you want create a tag for it. Now you can filter by everyone who has a similar link.

Sort by last edited/date added. In the top right sort menu, along with all the usual metrics you can sort by additional fields like Last Edited and Date Added, which will help you keep track of who has had what changes made.

Note: This video is outdated but you can still use it as a reference as some functions are still similar. 

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