How To Find Bloggers In Other Countries With Ninja Outreach

Although the majority of NinjaOutreach’s database is from the US/UK, you can find bloggers from other countries through a variety of methods.

Using Advanced Search Operators

You can find bloggers from other countries using the Websites & Blogs Search tab with a combination of advanced search operators or correct search terminology.

  1. First go to the Websites & Blogs search tab.
  2. Now run your search with any of these advanced search operators.

If you want a country level search, I recommend the following logic:

inurl: – this requires characters to be in the URL, and works well in conjunction with country codes in top level domains, like or

If you need city level, I recommend typing it in the search directly, for example: plumbers in miami florida

Using The Advanced Filters

You can also leverage our existing database and filters, which might be quicker, but may provide fewer results. Here are some examples:

Beauty – Blogger tag- .UK Top Level Domain via advanced filter

NinjaOutreach Top Level Domain via advanced filter

Beauty UK- Blogger tag – None

Beauty UK- Blogger tag – None

Beauty London- Blogger tag – None

Beauty London- Blogger tag - None

As you can see these return different results and a different number of results. Mind you, our overall database for the UK is in the tens of thousands.

UK – Blogger Filter

UK - Blogger Filter


The following goes more in-depth into the methods shown above.

Using The Blogs & Websites Search Tab

The first way to do it is simply by adding the location in your keywords.

NinjaOutreach Websites and Blogs Search

Next, you can try the top level domain filter:

Top Level Domain Filter

This is based off the website name and allows for .UK, .AU, .CH, and .NL.

Additionally, you can try a search like “Marketing France”, and not use the filter at all.

Websites and Blogs Search

Remember it’s an exact match so you also might want to try cities as well as countries:

Websites and Blogs Search tab

You can also try searching for foreign words.

Foreign word search

Using The Instagram and Twitter Search Tabs

With the Instagram search tab, you’re in luck. You can easily find Instagram bloggers from any location using the detailed Country, State/Region and City filters.

NinjaOutreach Instagram Influencers Search

You can also input your target location in the Twitter Search tab like so:

NinjaOutreach Twitter Influencers Search

You can search through Twitter Influencers search tabs via keywords:

Ninja Outreach Twitter Influencers Search tab

And searching in other languages works too!

Foreign language Search in Twitter influencer tab

Finally, use variations in the search for the location you want. For example, if I am looking for fashion bloggers in Brazil, I might do:

  • fashion blogger Brazil
  • fashion blogger Brazilian
  • fashion blogger Brasilian
  • fashion blogger san paulo
  • fashion blogger .br

All of which allowed me to get thousands of results for Brazil.

Importing The Links Into NinjaOutreach

You can import links into NinjaOutreach’s web app. Go to the “List Management” tab and click the blue “Import” button on the top right. Then, you have option to import a CSV file with your websites in it or you can crawl the websites by clicking on “Click here to submit websites”.

This will send the websites internally where they will be crawled and returned to you with contact info, SEO metrics, etc. You will receive an email notification when they are crawled and ready in your list.

Here is the full tutorial on how to do that: Importing in the web app


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