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How to Find Affiliates for Your Business

We’ve gotten a lot of value out of our affiliate program. It’s essentially a sales force that works entirely on commission.

Here’s how to find affiliates for your business:

Look For People Who Wrote Product Reviews

The first thing is to look for people who wrote product reviews.

People who review products generally sign up for affiliate programs, because they’re looking to earn money through their recommendations.

We’ve already written extensively about how to do that in NinjaOutreach.

My only additional recommendation is to make sure that anyone who agrees to a guest post, product review, giveaway, etc, signs up to your affiliate program (it’s in their best interest).

We also include this on our outreach scripts for any kind of link building, like Resource Page link building, as another way to entice people.

Look For Affiliates Directly

You can also search for affiliates directly using our three different search tabs, Websites & Blogs, Instagram Influencers, and Twitter Influencers.

Find Affiliates Using Ninja Outreach Websites & Blogs Search

NinjaOutreach Websites and Blogs search

Find Affiliates Using Ninja Outreach Instagram & Twitter Search


NinjaOutreach Instagram Influencers searchNinjaOutreach Twitter influencers search

Additionally, if you have websites you’ve already found, you can always import them into the tool – there are hundreds of marketing forums, and affiliate directories you could go through.

Outreaching To Affiliates

It’s important when outreaching to affiliates to explain the value to them and their audience.

Frankly, affiliates want to know how they can make money.

This often means talking about the commissions and conversion rates (if you have that data), that they can expect.

Here’s a script we’ve used in the past:

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