Ninja Influence – the 100% new version of our influencer marketing platform!

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There is a 100% new version of NinjaOutreach on the way, called Ninja Influence, and it will be released for beta testers soon! 

Here’s a sneak peek 😉

There are two main components – the first is a powerful search that lets you access over 100 Million accounts from Instagram, Youtube, and TikTok. We are by far the most comprehensive database on the web:


The other component is our E-commerce integration & campaign management with automated tracking capabilities for your influencers:

It calculates ROI and other metrics based on influencer spend and sales made. Additionally, you can easily track with drag-n-drop wherein the conversation process you are with a specific influencer for any campaign:


Track results by influencer and campaign to see what’s working and what’s not:


Send your questions to [email protected] and stay tuned!