Guide to Content Marketing

The Ultimate Guide To Content Marketing

Content marketing – have you heard of it?

My guess is yes.


I’m also willing to guess that you’ve realized it’s a bit more complicated than “writing and publishing stuff”.

So, we’ve gone ahead and organized the most commonly asked for topics regarding content marketing and created an ultimate guide featuring some AMAZING resources.

Table Of Contents

How To Plan Your Content Schedule

Content marketing starts with planning, and this is the first make that just about every new content marketing makes.

You can’t simply just write and publish articles at your leisure.

You need to have a strategy. That means picking what articles are published when.

Personally, I like to publish an article once a week on Tuesdays. Having an editorial calendar makes me certain that I’m never going to run out of ideas at the last minute (yes, this will happen if you don’t plan ahead).

How To Write Epic Content

Now that you’ve planned out the content you’re going to write and when it’s going to be published – you have to make it epic.

You hear the word epic thrown around a lot. Believe it or not, there is more or less a definition.

It’s not just about length or content but also design, creativity, and originality.

These posts will tell you how to write stuff that people will want to share.

Promote A Blog Post

You thought you were done, didn’t you?

You already planned and published epic content, what more could there be left?

Well, as I said before, content marketing is not as simple as it comes across – you have to promote everything you write.

The idea of content promotion may be new to you, but for the most part, it’s a relatively simple checklist you just have to execute on.

How To Leverage Link Round Ups

Now we’re going to start to get into the specific tactics.

You’re writing, publishing, and promoting epic content – but you still have to get out there.

One tactic is getting your post featured in a link round up.

How To Do Guest Blogging

Curious as to what I’m doing now?

It’s called guest blogging, and it means writing a post on someone else’s website.

Guest blogging is a fantastic way to get yourself featured in front of a new audience.

There thousands of websites that accept guest posts – you just need to find them and reach out to them.

Where To Do Content Syndication

Did you know there are places that will syndicate your content for free?

Imagine the power in getting your content featured in front of thousands of visitors that do not even regularly visit your website.

In fact some of the biggest sites on the internet like Business Insider syndicate content.

How To Do Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is my specialty. It’s all about getting the big guys, i.e bloggers and social media enthusiasts to work with you on your articles and hopefully even promote your business.

It’s critical to build relationships and give as much as you take.

How to find and identify influencers

How to pitch influencers

The Best Of Social Media Marketing

You can’t forget about social media when talking about content marketing – the two are like brothers from another mother.

We’ve handpicked a few articles from each of the different platforms to give you the full spectrum of what you can do with social media.

How To Build An Email List

Have you ever stopped to wonder why you’re getting all this traffic?

Often, it’s to build an email list. If you not building an email list right now – stop, and rethink that.

An email list is arguably the most critical asset that a blogger has, because open rates can easily be 20-30%+.

This means if you have a thousand people on your list, you’re guaranteed to get 300 people reading a newsletter broadcast you send out.

Pretty powerful.

How To Optimize Your Content For Search

Ah SEO – this I know you’ve heard of.

Although I don’t usually recommend that new bloggers focus on SEO, it’s definitely a strategy that you need to be familiar with.

Afte rall, if you can get to the top of the Google SERPs for one of your keywords, you can get a ton of traffic for as long as you’re there, even if you’re no longer promoting it.

Other Advanced Guides to Content Marketing

Not satisfied yet?

The truth is that all of these articles are still just scratching the surface on content marketing (but they’re an incredibly start).

If you want to dive deeper into it, we’ve collected some ultimate guides for you.

Epic Content Marketing Case Studies

If you want to see this put into practice, check out these case studies. Personally, I find case studies are the best way to learn how to execute something.

Measuring ROI Of Content Marketing

If you’re having doubts about the merits of all of this, I recommend checking out these articles on measuring the RIO of content marketing.

Yes, it can be a very valuable strategy, though not for everyone.

We’ve made it work for our business and perhaps you can to if you have the write model.

Top Content Marketing Blogs

Last but not least, some other content marketing blogs to follow.

Put these in your RSS feed and pick out the interesting articles daily. You’ll be a CM pro in no time!

Content Marketing Plugins

The key to successful content marketing is having everything organized and easy to access.

From plugins that let you organize links and contents to plugins that help you increase your content marketing success!

Outsourcing Marketing Tasks

Still think all this is way over your bandwidth?

Need some extra marketing pros to help you execute your content marketing plan?

That’s ok – maybe hiring a VA can help.

David Schneider

Dave is an author at Ninja Outreach and has a passion for digital marketing and travel. You can find him at @ninjaoutreach and [email protected]